2015 New England Regional Oireachtas

Billy Petrocelli WQ             Champion U16 Boys

Jake Parkman WQ              Champion U13 Boys

Anna Romaine WQ             4th place U15 Girls

 Sarah Canniff WQ              4th place U12 Girls

Tabitha Heger WQ              5th place O20 Ladies

Aine King WQ                      5th place U16 Girls

Karaleigh Desmond           8th place U20 Ladies

Anna Canniff                      12th place  U10 Girls

Aislinn Servaes                  16th place U13 Girls

Fiona Williams                   17th place U12 Girls

Emma Barry                      18th place U12 Girls

Meagan Keefe                   19th place U13 Girls

Ella Neret                            19th place U11 Girls

Siena Caddle                      27th place U15 Girls

Aoidin Salmon                   38th place U13 Girls

Kailee Masse                      39th place U16 Girls


                     Traditional Set

Ciara Williams                     11th place U11

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