Beginner FAQs

What is the best age to start dancing?

Any age! You are never too old to learn Irish Dancing.

We take on preschool children 3 and up.


What should my child wear to class?

A comfortable t-shirt, shorts and ballet shoes are perfect to start! They can move onto Irish ghillies when they are ready. Don't forget to tie their hair out of their face and bring a water bottle.

irish dance beginners
irish dance beginners

My child would like to practice at home. What music do you recommend?


Sean O'Brien's Feis Music 2: Stepping Up (Traditional Folk)

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Can parents stay in the class with their children?

Parents are welcome to sit in for the first 2 weeks of instruction, but then are encouraged to leave the children with the teachers. This promotes a good student/teacher relationship and gives you a chance to grab a coffee or just relax. There will be an end of the year recital as well as performances throughout the year so you and your family will all be able to see your child's progress.




When will my child be able to compete or perform at a show? Do they have to?

The Kenny Academy is all about the love of Irish Dancing. If competing or performing is something that appeals to your child, please let the teachers know and they will tell you when your dancer is ready, but it is not required.